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Educator Workshops


Teaching can be exhausting. In fact, teachers of all grade-levels are among the largest populations to develop vocal problems due to overuse.  They are on their feet constantly, have demanding schedules and talk non-stop.  Check-In can help.  

For Educators


In addition to cultivating mindfulness and relaxation, Check-In gives teachers the vocal tools they need to maintain a healthful in-class vocal practice. Learn to speak with ease, clarity and resonance, without feeling exhausted or depleted. 


Teachers constantly give of themselves to their students, but often don't take time to replenish themselves.  Develop more connection to breath and explore a regular Vinyasa flow or a Restorative Practice to realign the nervous system to serve your faculty best. 

Workshops & Retreats


Provide a day-long workshop as a unique faculty retreat or offer weekly classes to cultivate a sense of community and communication. The best teachers are also great learners, so why not take time to learn about something so close, we often overlook it: our very selves!


Let us tailor a workshop to fit your faculty.

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